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Our body skin care products are generally only available directly from the manufacturer or through holistic spas and salons. If you do not see what you are interested in, please ask us. We are always available for any and all questions and free consultations on your skin care.

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Body Products


Body Deli Products


Organic Skin Nutrition Phyto Therapy Body Lotion

Chemical & synthetic free with essential vitamins, enzymes, minerals,proteins & amino acids for soft, supple & youthful skin.

Organic Skin Nutrition Phyto Therapy Botanical Body Oil

Cold pressed plant oils with pure aromatic essential oils known for their therapeutic aromatherapy benefits.

Organic Skin Nutrition Phyto Therapy Botanical Body Wash

All natural corn sugar & coconut based cleansing ingredientswith African shea butter, therapeutic grade essential oils & extracts provides gentle cleansing with drying your skin.

Botanical Body Soap

Mild non drying bar soap for smooth, supple & clean skin

Botanical Body Soak

Soothe your muscles & relax with aromatic blend of dead sea salts & minerals.

Organic Skin Nutrition Phyto Therapy Botanical Body Mist

Formulted for your body, hair & face with anti-oxidant, micro-cluster ionized water. Super hydrates & provides aroma therapy.

Botanical Body Souffle

Exotic buttersof sea, coca & virgin coconut with therapeutic oils are whipped to provide essential  nutrients for soft, supple & youthful skin.

Botanical Butter Scrub

Extra fine sea salt combined with shea, cocoa & virgin coconut butter and therapeutic oils



Organic Extra Virgin Cocnut Oil

Cold pressed & pure white, not refined, deodarized or bleached. 100% free of pesticides, GMOs or hexane.


Yume Blush

100% botanical & veganusing organic flavors, exotic butters & essential oils. Relief from psoriasis, eczema and other skin problems


Natural Sunscreens

Mexitan contains no harsh chemicals & is all natural.

SPF 30

SPF 50