"Living In Balance

In 2012 we must be informed and vigilant in order to grow and purchase the correct food for our body. We have access through the World Wide Web to billions of articles and information. There is good and bad news with access to so much information. The good news is you can find answers and products on almost anything you are searching for. The bad news is you need to have the knowledge to know which ones really work and are going to be right for you. We do not claim to have the magic wand to wave and provide all of your guidance and answers. We will, however, vouch for the products we list and the information we provide you. If we have not used and tested the information or product, it will not appear on our site. This does not mean it is the correct solution for you as we are all different. It does mean it has proven successful for us, our families or friends.


Eat Right

There are some very basic ingredient that go into a normal healthy diet:


1. EAT ORGANIC or LOCALLY GROWN pesticide free fruits, vegetables, meat, poultry, and wild fish 
2. Eat only when hungry
3. Keep your meals simple. Three or less types of foods in one meal. 
4. Drink lots of alkaline/high pH level water: 50% of your weight daily in ounces; more if it is extremely hot or cold. Know where your water came from and how it was treated.
5. Eat raw foods before cooked foods
6. Chew food 25-50 times per mouthful to make food more alkaline
7. Do not wash your food down with liquids, drink after a meal not during the meal 
8. Eat a meal to fit the type of work you do
9. Do not eat when tired, anxious, angry, overheated, chilled, in pain, emotionally upset or have a high fever.
10. Take plant-based supplements
11. Don't eat fruits with anything else, wait 15 to 20 minutes
12. Don't combine meat and starch in the same meal. If you do, eat the meat first & wait 10 minutes before eating the rest of your meal
13. Chicken is difficult for all blood types to digest. Turkey is better.
14. Know how your food was raised, cut or slaughtered & transported
15. Know what foods are right for your blood type.
16. Give thanks to Mother Earth, the plants, the animals, etc. or what feels right for you before eating any food or drinking any water. It does raise the vibrational level.
These 16 statements come from multiple sources including: Alkalize or Die by Theodore Baroody, In Defense of Food by Michael Pollen & Eat Right Series for Your Blood Type