"Living In Balance

Holistic Health Sessions

John Holmstrom, L. AC  AYUR-TAO-LM Protocol Treatments to support bliss and balance in your life.


John is a licensed acupuncturist - herbs CA #6185


John is also a Licensed and Certified Taoist Oriental Medicine and Ayurvedic Practitioner since 1998. He is both State and Nationally Certified and Licensed. He was the first elected President of the California Association of Ayurvedic Medicine, and he is a Certified Professional Member of the National Ayurvedic Medicine Association. John has been a Professor of Chinese and Ayurvedic Medicine continuously at several universities since 1997. Since 1966, John has been a student of Taoist Medicine, Vedic and Ayurvedic Medicine, Tibetan Medicine, Yoga, Meditation and Vedic Shamanism.


Treatments to balance energy for health & harmony in the body, unblock stagnation & provide immediate relief & positive change for most clients. The revitalizing & therapeutic treatments are customized to your particular needs. John uses acupuncture, specific oils, herbs and aromas chosen to provide you with optimal balance & nourish your mind & body. All therapies are natural, gentle, & felightfully pleasing. It is all about bringing you back into your natural balance within your body, mind & environment.


These unique sessions can only be explained via a conversation so please call us for more information.


Costs per session from $108 to $254 plus the cost of oils and herbs and from 1-2 hours.


Donna Hoyler   and Wanda Llewellen Reiki Masters

We are made up of molecules that are supposed to vibrate at extremely high levels. Unfortunately due to the chemicals in our environment, the stress in our daily lives and the less than ideal food and water we drink, our cells begin to vibrate slower and slower. It is essential that we maintain a healthy energy body keeping our cells running as close to optimum as possible so that we can naturally avoid the accepted aspects of aging, chronic illness and diseases which are all on the rise. Just as we clean our physical body, we also need to clean our energy body.