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We simply no longer receive the nutrients in our food, even organic food, that our body requires to be healthy. This is due to a number of factors; the primary ones are:

1. Toxins in our environment
2. Corporate farming practices
3. Long-haul transport of our food to stores
4. Genetic Engineering

The only alternative we have is to supplement our diet with vitamins, minerals and glyconutrients which are in natural and plant-based, preferably hydroponically grown, products. In order to accomplish this, we need to do our homework. Look at the ingredients, look up each ingredient your vitamin has in it. Research the manufacturer and its practices. Many vitamins are produced from synthetic products such as petroleum. We already get plenty of toxins in our diet, I do not care to pay for adding more into my body. Educating yourself is the only method for intelligent and informed decisions. Don't simply accept what is written here. Do some research.

We carry a limited supply of healthy and organic food at the Spa.

Alkaline Water

We now sell high alkaline, small cell cluster water by the gallon. Bring in your gallon container and fill it up. The water cards are $15 for 5 gallons of water. Use your own water bottle during the day and save the planet and your health. Contact us for more information.


Water Filters for Your Home

We also carry Aquasauna water filters and shower filters.