Naturalives Day Spa

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Ayurvedic Yoga    60 minutes for $5 donation

Three Thursday evenings a month we hold Ayurvedic Yoga classes from 7-8 PM lead by Donna Hoyler and Linda Bottero, Certified Yoga Instructors.  Yoga and Ayurveda were inspired and developed by the great sages of ancient India, over 5000 years ago. Both were created to keep the body and mind strong, allowing people to focus on the really important job of finding their true purpose. Though both sciences are very old, neither are ‘primitive’. Much of their advice is founded on common sense, and has much to teach us about finding balance in today’s busy world.
Each week we focus on a specific balance of body, mind and spirit with 5-6 poses to create our perfect balance for the ending meditation. During the session crystal bowls are played to further relax and open your your chakras.
You will leave feeling very relaxed and refreshed.
Call for dates and location.
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