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Guide to a Happy 2016


Understanding your life path cycle, annual and monthly cycle and Universe numerology cycle allows you to know why and what may be arising during this amazing year of 2016. We also add your sun and moon signs to provide your own monthly forecast for 2016. I think of my forecast the same way that I use a weather forecast; it provides the anticipated energies so that you can plan appropriately.


The last couple of pages also provide you with the information on the four basic energy types of humans. I have included a simple, mostly objective quiz so that you can easily ascertain which energy type you are. It is also a great way to instantly know other people's energy types so you can relate to them in a more productive manner.

2016 is the ninth year in a nine year Universe cycle. The energy this year is all about understanding, aligning, developing our personal energetic system, skills and talents. It is a very inward focused year. While it may be a very difficult year for some, especially those not living their soul purpose, if you make sure that you are synchronized with yourself and the Universe energy, it should be an extremely productive and rewarding year. Each of us chooses what our personal world shall be. I am dedicated t providing the tools, that I can, to help make 2016 happier and healthier.

This 15+ page report will enlighten you on the following items:

Your sun sign

Your moon sign

The Universe cycle year for 2016 and what it means

The 2016 monthly Universe forecast

You personal life path numerology and what it means

Your personal annual 2016 numerology reading and what it means

Your 2016 personal monthly numerology reading

The 4 energy types and how to quickly recognize them in others

Your personal one page at a glance summary for 2016

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