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Ayurveda offers a complete system of nourishing and cleansing techniques to revitalize youthful glow and enhance wellness and longevity. Ayurveda reverses the root cause of disease with gentle therapies reaching deep into the cells. To get started first have a private consultation to determine your individual mind/body (Prakruti) and any imbalance (Vikruti). After you will receive a personally designed treatment plan with recommendations for the best foods, herbs, massages, herbal steam, Ayuryoga, colors and gems.

Ayurvedic Consultation - Initial - 2 Hours    $160

Comprehensive health consultation determines your mind body constitution as well as any imbalance. Your personally designed treatment plan will recommend foods, herbs, massage, herbal steam, Ayruyoga, colors, and gems.

Ayurvedic Consultation - Follow up - 1 Hour   $80

Ongoing support for greater health

Abhyanga - warm herbal oil massage - 90 mins.   $110

Warm oil massage using synchronized hand movements designed to stimulate and cleanse the lymphatic system. Herbal oils are deeply nourishing and detoxifying.

Svedana - herbal steam bath - 30 mins.   $50

Herbal aromatic steam bath follows an Abhyanga helping to penetrate the oil deeper into the skin and lymphatic circulation for greater detoxification.

Shirodhara - streaming oil to forehead - 1 Hour   $90

Peaceful warm flow of streaming herbal oil over the 6th and 7th chakras (forehead, scalp, and hair). Peaceful state of calm meditative awareness, deeply rejuvenates a tired and wired stressed mind.

Kansa Nasya - face massage with nasal oil - 1 Hour   $80

Energizing herbal oil face massage opens and cleanses the sinus cavity followed by 2 - 3 drops of herbal nasal oil. Amazing therapy for chronic sinusitis, allergies or headaches.

Marma - energy balancing massage - 1 Hour   $80

Opens and balances energy according to the ancient Ayurvedic system. Marma points are massaged with essential oils to unblock areas of stagnation.

Katti Basti - back pain therapy - 1 Hour   $80

Ayurvedic therapy for back pain; warm herbal oil is retained in a dough dam over the 2nd (sacral), 3rd (lumbar) or chakra (thoracic) region of the back. Pain relieving anti-inflammatory herbs such as frankincense, guggulu, nirgundi, turmeric, ginger, and tulsi soothe and strengthen.

Netra Basti - eye rejuvenation - 1 Hour   $80

Organic ghee is retained in a dough dam around the eyes, greatly revitalizes redness, dryness, dark circles and eye strain. Wonderful anti-aging treatment.

Hrd Basti - love for the heart - 1 Hour  $80

Rose infused herbal milk and ghee is retained in a dough dam over the heart or 4th chakra. Heart strengthening herbs such as rose, bala, and hawthorn to strengthen the emotional and physical heart.

Pancha Karma (requires advance appointment and preparation)

Pancja Karma - 3 day - $850

Pancha Karma - 5 day - $1,400

Pancha Karma - 7 day - $1,950

All services are available by a sliding scale. Please inquire before appointment.


Ayurveda is an integrated, informative, complementary, and educational services with the mission of providing self-healing tools to people for restoration of health and prevention of imbalances. It has not been evaluated by the FDA. None of the information or products is intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. For medical concerns, please consult your physician. Before making changes to your diet or lifestyle, please consult your physician.