Electricity/energy is one of the most essential elements in your body.  You need electricity to do just about anything.  The different parts of your body use electricity to communicate with one another.  Think of it like a telephone system or the Internet.   Specific patterns of electricity are transmitted over lines to deliver recognizable  messages.  What you may not realize is that you have another body outside of your  physical body called your energy system.  This is made up of your inner aura, outer  aura, energy centers and meridians to name a few.  What I do in a session is to clean  your energy system so that your energy can flow in, out and through your energy and  physical bodies.  This is accomplished through the use of Pranic Healing® which is a set of protocols for cleansing your energy body, REIKI and other energy modalities. 


By bringing energy into my body, it can flow through me to  be regulated and properly applied to address physical,  emotional or mental symptoms or simply to clean you up.  This can lead to increased vitality and improved physical, emotional and/or mental health. 


The best part is that since we are talking about energy, you need not travel to my office for a session.  Distance has no impact on energy. 


I have also installed a crown chakra medicine wheel on my property to further enhance the energy flow and your sessions.


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Disclaimer: The Pranic Healing® system is not meant to replace orthodox medicine but merely to complement it. Pranic Healing® practitioners DO NOT physically touch the receipient's body, diagnose diseases, prescribe any drugs/substances or make any health claims or promises.

Our natural state is health, happiness and prosperity; it is our birth right. We clearly understand this when we start out in the world but lose sight of it as we grow to adulthood. We can again go down the path of happiness by awakening the knowledge of well-being through meditation, thinking positive, truly forgiving and using specific simple-to-use processes which allow us to focus on who we truly are and what we desire in life.


Linda provides group and private sessions for children and adults on meditation and re-learning how to create prosperity and health in your life. It is never too late to begin building the life you desire. The sessions encompass the 80% alkaline /20% acid healthy eating, learning to cook and eat based on your blood type and activity level, and learning the techniques for feeling good and creating your desires.



Linda also instructs through scheduled classes and individual and group sessions about the Law of Attraction (known to many through the DVD "The Secret") and specific tools you may use to increase your awareness of the messages you are sending to the Universe. For many people, it is a natural process to create abundance in their lives while others struggle with it.  By becoming educated on the principles and learning a few basic and practical tools, you can begin your journey down the path to a happier and more positively directed life.