The current operation is a single person with lots of support and input from other similarly minded friends, business associates and acquaintances.  I just happen to be the face behind the company.


The "We" is open to anyone with a vision for a world that

  • Is pollution free;                                    
  • Allows, promotes and respects personal choice as long as it does not harm anyone else or the environment;
  • Is moving into a healthier, natural  condition than it was when you were born;

  • Allows people to take the time to fully understand all of their options before making a medical, product, or  dietary decision;

  • Supports people and companies with earth friendly and natural solutions.



 Linda Bottero is a native Californian who grew up in a loving, traditional, middle class conservative family.  While others were out fighting in or protesting the Vietnam War and holding love-ins, I married, settled down in the suburbs and started raising a family. My business career started working part-time for the telephone company and evolved into many high tech industries before establishing my first successful business in 1991.


Over the years my desire for a cleaner, healthier earth and body lead me to begin seeking out and supporting similarly minded individuals and companies.  With the personal experience of my husband's lung cancer and medical treatment, I made a commitment to actively help build the access to the information, products and services providing natural solutions for improving our health and world.  Out of this Naturalives was established to empower all with the knowledge to make healthy earth and body choices.