Complementary & Holistic

Infrared Sauna
(max 30 minutes)

Ionic Detox Foot Bath
(40 minutes)

Ear Candling
(45 minutes)

A healthy heating of the physical body and organs from the inside out. This promotes the body to self heal. May not be used if pregnant or a heart condition.

          $20 one time use
              $15 series

Remove harmful substances to detoxify your body and reestablish a natural balance through soaking your feet in our detox tub.
             $25 one time
           $20 with series

A soothing and natural method of removing foreign objects and wax from your ears. 2 candles per ear

                Military & Regular  $45

                         Visitor $50

Sound Bath

The sound bath uses the frequencies of metal & crystal bowls, gongs & other instruments to take you on a journey into a deep meditative & spiritual state of relaxation and personal awareness.
     Call for quote - dependent                 upon number of people

Reiki Plus

Numerology & Reiki

Restore balance and align your chakras in your energetic field. This both relaxes and releases past stress and traumas.

This unique treatment combines the cleansing and balancing of reiki with the knowledge of numerology. The numerology addresses the community spiritual numerology year(s), physical numerology year(s), and your personal numerology year(s) with monthly numerology influences. You leave with your written numerology chart.

Body Scrub
(25 minutes)

Signature Total Body Renewal Treatment
(75 minutes)

A 30 minute facial followed by a full body dry brush treatment to invigorate your lymph, circulatory, nervous and digestive systems. This is then followed by a hydrating scrub using damp towels to remove the scrub and a hydrating lotion followed by our hyperbaric oxygen wand.

Visitor $160  Regular $150  Military $140

Acne Clearing Back Treatment

This back facial is designed to target all types of breakouts. Cleansing, exfoliating, extractions, mask and moisutrizer.

Visitor $ 80  Regular $75  Military $70

Your body scrub is done while laying down on a massage table. We have multiple types of scrubs for you to select.  The scrub is removed with warm towels.
Visitor $60   Regular $50  Military $45

Body Wrap
(45 minutes)

We have several scrubs to choose from depending upon your needs: hydration, detox, temporary weight control or chocolate. We paint the wrap on your requested body parts then you step into our infrared sauna for 20 minutes. The wrap is sprayed and toweled off. 

Visitor $70    Regular $60  Military $55